Ariete makes it simple for you to buy the best gift ever for your sporting buddies!

Buying a “last minute gift” for your best friends has never been so simple:

  • Choose a cut: 30, 60 or 90 Euros
  • Insert your friend’s email
  • Write a message (optional)
  • Decide when to send the gift card (immediatly or any other given date).

Terms and conditions are very simple:

  • Validity: 24 months from date of order
  • Multi-purpose: yes, you can buy every product available “in stock” on Ariete.shop
  • Includes promotional items: yes, you can order any product regardless any promotion
  • Residual credit: yes, unspent credit is saved for the next order

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email and the card’s recipients will receive your greeting message via mail (optional but suggested) as well as a gift card code to be used once they place the order on Ariete.shop

Gift are a serious thing! Therefore we suggest you give your telephone number in the order form, so that our customer care can help you along the process if needed.

Do you have any doubts? Questions about gift cards? No Problem: our Goggle Experts will be happy to assist you.


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