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The 07 NEXT GEN  Goggles range was designed to perfectly fit young users helmets. Next level  performances and protection for the next generation users. ariete icona bullet standard Small fit ariete icona bullet standard Best anti-fog treatment ariete icona bullet standard Anti-scratch treatment ariete icona bullet standard UV radiations total protection ariete icona bullet standard MADE IN ITALY


In stock

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FRAME Tough PUR frame for low-temperature flexibility Anti – UV colours Small Fit Suitable on helmets for children/Kids

ariete - lente

LENS Clear lens in polycarbonate Best anti-fog treatment Anti-scratch treatment No optical distortion UV radiations total protectionn

ariete - ventilazione

VENT SYSTEM A.V.S. Ariete Ventilation System Open filters

ariete - spugna

FOAM 2 foam layers composed of: 1 super-soft technical foam layer with open cells 1 hypo-allergenic foam layer in contact with the skin

ariete - elastico

ELASTIC STRAP Anti-slip silicone bead Double buckle for quick adjustment

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 10 cm

34, 42, 44, 48


Black, Blue, Brown, Gray


Loose, Slim, Straight


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aowrCp0N5vg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTIDf8CF3QQ


On the packaging of our products there is a hologram with a number, that guarantee the authenticity of the goggle.

It is a union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. It improves the dispersion of humidity by favoring the evaporation of sweat.

No, we suggest these goggles only for kids.


Yes, in every O.T.G. version: RCAdrenalineMudmax and 8K Goggles

Clean them each time you wear them, using only running water and a mild detergent.


Clear lenses are available separately for each goggle and in some models they are already included in the pack.


On this site, the goggles are already divided in different categories, based on your need


Our courriers use their logistics at their best to minimize delays. Furthermore, you can track your order at any time using the tracking number that we’ll send you just after the shipment.

Yes, we always ship with express courier, with delivery in 48 hours after the confermation of the order.


All ours products are manufactured in Italy in our company in Varese.

At the moment, is not possbile to purchase these items o this site, but you can send an email here: customercare@ariete.shop

For further information, you can send an e-mail here: customercare@ariete.com

Yes, there are some variants of products with an extra clear lens already included.



HOW DO I WASH MY LENS? Clean them each time you wear them, using only running water and a mild detergent.


RACE-BASED DEVELOPMENT Each project is refined and tested by Ariete riders in relevant off-road world championship events. Rider feed-back is agreed and incorporated into the final design before this is submitted to the certifying authority for approval. FIELD OF VISION Ariete technicians have developed a frame that allows a wide field of view both laterally and vertically. This feature makes a vital contribution to rider safety. Adrenaline and Riding Crows goggles are O.T.G. – over the glasses models. ERGONOMICS & DESIGN The shape of Ariete goggle frames was born from experience under extreme conditions. Ariete technicians have focused on the ergonomics of the frame to ensure that it perfectly fits the rider’s face. The hypoallergenic materials used and the Ariete Ventilation System (A.V.S.) make Ariete goggles uniquely comfortable.


Ariete goggle frames and ancillary components are made with the best technology available. The quality of the tooling ensures that the finish achieved is exemplary.


The Ariete Ventilation System uses carefully chosen areas for the intake and exhaust of cooling air. Airflow from the goggles, whose upper front profile is specially lowered to aid this process, enters the collecting vents at the front of the helmet, flows across the rider’s head, and leaves the back of the helmet in a continuous process. FINE MATERIALS The search for new materials is never-ending. Ariete has for years worked with the world’s best-known petro-chemical companies. The materials used are the result of research carried out by these companies, and are the best we can find.

Shipping Outside Italy

Shipping outside Italy Please note that we are not delivering outside Italy at the moment. If you are interested in our products, please fill the form and we will suggest to you the easiest and fastest way to have it.


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